Creators of Environmental Board Games


We are a family run company living in Victoria, British Columbia who wanted to do our part in saving animals and plants from extinction. We believe that people need to share the world with animals. This is the reason why we are proudly donating a total of 10% of all sales to Raincoast Conservation Foundation and The Wilderness Committee. Apart from donating to charities, we also hope to help the plight of animals by raising awareness through a fun strategy game, Forestation, that you can play with family and friends. Forestation will spark the competitive fire in you to compete to create the best and most diverse forest possible. Every game is a contribution to help preserve wildlife from extinction.


We spared no expense to create our games with the highest quality. Every one of our games is FSC certified, meaning all the materials to make the game are from sustainably managed forests (Read more here).


We hope Forestation will inspire you to make a difference in the world.



Meet The Family!




I am a high school student living in Victoria BC and my brother, sister and I have been homeschooled off and on our whole lives. We like playing board games so as a homeschooling project we developed a game of our own – Forestation. We started making the game when I was just 8 years old and I still remember the cardboard box cut-out that we tried out all our ideas on.

The games I like most are fun strategy games such as Agricola and Puerto Rico that allow players to construct something by the end of the game, such as a farm, city or forest!

I am now learning about the business side of things. Creating and manufacturing the game was easy compared to marketing and selling it! I think to be successful it is important to reach out to as many people as possible and tell them how much you believe in your product and how it’s going to help change the world.




Several years ago, I can remember arguing with my brother about which board game to play together. My dad interjected with the suggestion to make up a new game. A minute later, we had sheets of paper on the floor with sketches of buy land and recruit worker action spaces. We had immediately thought to make a game about animals in their wild habitat. Nowadays, my passion for animals is still strong. I am working at a veterinary clinic and studying to become accepted into veterinary school.








Inventor and Producer

I am a teacher living in Victoria BC and my three children have been homeschooled off and on their whole lives. We like playing board games so as a homeschooling project we decided to make a game of our own. Our family has always been sensitive to the plight of animals so we wanted to make a game that would reflect our desire to help animals and save them from extinction. 




I am the grandmother, a retired psychiatrist and medical educator, who is responsible for marketing Forestation. It means a lot to me that my grandkids have created this fun filled game that shows their love of animals and their habitat. I love playing the game with them even though I never can build as rich a forest teeming with animals, fish, forests as they can!




I am the grandfather of these amazing kids who with their Dad preserved and finally developed and produced this game. Now is the time to share it with others, not only in BC, but the rest of Canada, the US, the world and finally the universe.

It is a beautifully conceived worker placement strategy game and is a perfect game for a family to play and to talk around the dining room table or whatever you happen to play on.

This recommendation is completely unbiased coming from a retired oncologist, hospital administrator, and medical educator.

So try it and say I sent you.