Invented by a family in Victoria, BC, Canada, this board game uses local artwork, animals, and trees to generate an immersive environmental game. Click PC or Mac for the Forestation Video Game to check out what the game is like! 1,2.  

1 Video Game and board game differ slightly. Instructions included in download. Rulebook also included to help with play.

2 Extract all files to a folder and run the Application file called Forestation (for PC).

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  • Restore the Ecosystem, Win the Game – Forestation is the exciting new board game for nature-lovers ages 10 and older! Up to 4 players per game will try to build a forest rich with wildlife, fend off poachers and loggers, and rescue the environment at large!
  • Made for Kids, by Kids – How do we know your kids are going to love playing Forestation? Because at the age of 8, Joseph Weinerman and his family conceptualized the game together! What started out as a fun family project turned into a complete game too thrilling to keep to themselves. In the strategic, competitive world of Forestation, educational strategy board games have anything but a boring reputation, and every day feels like Earth Day!
  • Play and Protect Planet Earth – Now, even indoor play can celebrate the great outdoors. Lifelike illustrations in Forestation will have players of all ages spellbound and ready to rescue the natural world as they learn the delicate balance between humans, animals, fish, and trees!
  • Eco-Friendly Economics – Usually, STEM games don’t teach about environmental awareness or sustainability, but that’s what sets Forestation apart. Your child can develop skills such as money management and critical thinking while inheriting a responsibility to protect Mother Nature!
  • The Perfect Present – By accommodating up to 4 players of any age above 10 years old, Forestation makes the ultimate kids science gift! To play Forestation is to provide incredible learning opportunities, cutting-edge competition, and old-fashioned fun for the entire family! Make someone’s day with the board game that makes the world a more sustainable place.
  • One Box, Big Impact – For CLJ Games, dedication to wildlife is more than a game. That’s why we choose to split 10% of all the proceeds from Forestation between two charities: the Wilderness Committee and the Raincoast Conservation Foundation! Also, unlike most games, Forestation is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. That means your fantasy forest board game’s materials are ethically sourced from responsibly managed forests that meet strict environmental and social standards.

Sharpen your skill, strategy, and imagination every time you open the box for a round of Forestation!


Take a look at “Videos” for information on how to play. If you would like to download the updated rulebook or additional score sheets go to “Updates”. 

FSC certification


With the environment in mind, Forestation was produced with FSC certification.

What is FSC?

  • It ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that are evaluated to meet FSC’s strict environmental and social standards, such as protecting forests and wildlife, Aboriginal Peoples’ rights and community and worker’s rights.
  • It has set higher standards than any other forest certification scheme, which gives users the best assurance that certified forests are being managed responsibly.



We are pleased to announce that 10% of all proceeds will go to wildlife charities; split between the Wilderness Committee and the Raincoast Conservation Foundation.

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