I am a teacher living in Victoria BC and my three children have been homeschooled off and on their whole lives. We like playing board games so as a homeschooling project we decided to make a game of our own. Our family has always been sensitive to the plight of animals so we wanted to make a game that would reflect our desire to help animals and save them from extinction. Please find below two videos of our very first game – Forestation.



The games we like most are fun strategy games such as Agricola and Puerto Rico that allow players to construct something by the end of the game, such as a farm or a city. Similarly, in our game we wanted players to be able to create a forest for animals to live.

We also want to help animals in a real way so we approached two charities – the Raincoast Conservation Foundation and the Wilderness Committee – and agreed to donate 5% of our sales to each charity (10% total). When meeting with these charities we were happy to confirm that the activities they undertake such as purchasing land to save it from deforestation and stream restoration to increase fish populations are exactly what players can do in our game!

FSC CERTIFIED! We tried to be as eco-friendly as possible so our game is manufactured with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification by NSF in the Netherlands.

We are deeply indebted to renowned Victoria artists Mark Hobson, Nel Kwiatkowska and Nicole Nickolatos for contributing their beautiful artwork to our project. Working with them was a fantastic experience and it was an honour to get to know these three talented artists.

It was a wonderful experience working with my kids to create what we think is a first-rate game. The strategic options in the game mimic real-life conservation activities which make it a useful educational tool, but first and foremost it is a really fun strategy game that gives players the satisfying feeling of building a forest full of animals and sustaining them in a thriving ecosystem.

Thank you for your support,

Asher Weinerman & kids  (Chaim, Leila, and Joseph)