Invented by a family in Victoria, BC, Canada, this boardgame uses local artwork, animals, and trees to generate an immersive environmental game.


Forestation is a worker placement strategy game where players compete to acheive the largest, most diverse, protected forest. Poachers and illegal loggers are common visitors eager to hunt your animals and cut down your trees. Forestation’s realistic illustrations and gameplay will encourage you to create the best forest possible to save your wildlife from extinction! Forestation is intended for nature-loving people of all ages.




Take a look at the scoresheetrulebook, and teaching video for more information on how to play.


FSC certification

With the environment in mind, Forestation was produced with FSC certification.

What is FSC?

  • It ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that are evaluated to meet FSC’s strict environmental and social standards, such as protecting forests and wildlife, Aborginal Peoples’ rights and community and worker’s rights.
  • It has set higher standards than any other forest certification scheme, which gives users the best assurance that certified forests are being managed responsibly.

We are pleased to announce that 10% of all proceeds will go to wildlife charities; split between the Wilderness Committee and the Raincoast Conservation Foundation.