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Watching these videos will give you an idea of how to play Forestation. 





This video portrays the idea behind Forestation as well as giving an overview of the components in the game.



Unboxing Forestation


Here, Joseph goes through the contents of the game.




What are people saying?



“A diamond in the rough, forestation is an excellent worker placement game. Definitely worth checking out.” – Unfiltered Gamer

“Easy to teach, logical game play, attractive and functional pieces…lots of variability to ensure continued play.” – G. Churchill, Victoria BC

“I had a lot of fun playing it and making my forest.” – Undead Viking

“Always interesting, very educational,  gets exciting and has lots of strategy.” – VCON playtester

“Interesting concept, creative gameplay.” – VCON playtester

“My kids loved it!” – Verified Buyer


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